12 de fevereiro de 2009


(Esse post é para todas as pessoas que não assinam o blog do Jon Wertheim.)
Olha o que você perdeu na edição dessa semana:

O que faz tenistas desistirem da aposentadoria:
A few years ago, I was talking with Martina Hingis about her "un-retirement." She essentially said that at first you love the break. You wake up when you want, eat what you want, start a relationship without worrying what happens when you leave for that Asia and Australia swing for six weeks. But eventually, this reality bites: you can ski, but you'll never be a world class skier. You can commentate but you'll never be the best. Eventually you gravitate back to your true gift.
Porque Nadal, gladiador implacável dentro de quadra, é um cara tão gente boa quando o jogo acaba:
But I think the biggest influence is Uncle Nadal, or "Uncle Hard Ass," as Pete Bodo and I have taken to calling him. I think the Republic of Tennis has grown skeptical of the relative-cum-coach. But in this case, the player's uncle not only possesses a first rate tennis cortex, but also is one of the coaches who shapes lives. At an early age, he impressed upon Nadal that "just because you can hit a tennis ball well doesn't mean you're better than anyone else."
As Nadal ascended the org chart, there was uncle to make sure the kid stayed humble. A promoter offers to fly Nadal and his camp to a tournament. No thanks, says Toni, we already bought train tickets. Nadal goes to the practice courts at the 2008 U.S. Open and realizes he's forgotten his water bottles in the locker room. Never mind the eager volunteer happy to assist the tournament's top seed; Uncle T. (Raffa = Christopher Moltisanti?) makes his nephew run back and get it. A doctor offers to see Nadal immediately; no, says uncle, he'll take a seat in the waiting room like every one else.
You could write an entire chapter about Nadal's pleasant off-court personality and how jarringly at odds it is with on-court ferocity. But give the kid his due. He not only challenges Federer's skill but also gives him a run in the mensch department.
Que fofo:
Don Maddigan of St Simons Island, Ga.: I know Federer has many well-wishers for a return to form in 2009. Not the least of whom is my three-year-old son who twice last week during bedtime prayers asked God to bless Federer. I also heard him refer to Federer as Feddy-poo.

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